52: Money WON'T make you happy

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

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52. Money WON’T make you happy…

Big call for a little girl. But, I am standing by this. Money won’t make you happy. BUT this also doesn’t mean that money isn’t AMAZING, because it is. It enables us to do amazing things in life. Have the houses we do, drive the cars we do, go out to dinner and go on some amazing adventures.

So, money is good…money doesn’t bring happiness…soooo what does all this mean.

If were honest with ourselves, we’ve all said it before…’If only I had $50,000 everything would be so much better’ ‘if only I wont the lotto – things would be so easy’

We’ve all said it. And why? Because as humans we want it to be easy. We naturally want things to have a quick fix. But when it comes down to it, when we achieve something big, and this might be money we look back at the JOURNEY and go WOW, I did that. I made that happen – THAT is the happiness part of having that money.

BUT, on a whole other token if you don’t find your happiness from within first, NOTHING will ever make you happy. Happiness does not come from things – what you feel there is fake happy, or instant gratification. We get the car, its exciting we have that drive of satisfaction but then that happiness doesn’t last. That car is just the ‘fix’ its not the REAL happiness.


· Money is not the key to happiness – you can be happy right now

· If you’re expecting money to make to happy, you will get the money and realise in most cases there is still a void in your own chest if you haven’t done the work on you first

· Money can still be amazing, as long as the money isn’t creating the happiness, but a by-product of the happiness instead

· Real, long lasting happiness only truly comes from the inside


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