EP47: What is the end result of your bad decision?

Updated: May 27, 2019

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Let’ start with: Everyone in the world has made a decision that they would classify as the wrong or a bad decision. Some might be as little as choosing the wrong restaurant to having too many drinks to choosing to stay out that little bit longer and something happened to financial decisions, business decisions or making a deal with someone that at first turns out to be the ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ decision.

Have a think about what yours is? What decisions have you made that were ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’?

How does it make you feel to think about them? Usually in the moment if I look back at when I made that decision I want to shake the younger me and say NOOOO!!!! Take the other option, DON’T DO IT!!!

But, when we look to the now…were those decisions actually the wrong or bad one? Would you be where you are today without making THAT decision?

(I was to caveat that making a decision to be with someone and they were abusive in any shape or for may have been the ‘wrong’ decision for you and I’m not turning it around to say ‘but good things happened from this’because no one deserves this and this is next level)

What I am saying is that you can CHOOSE to see the lessons and where you are today as a result of those decisions as appose to looking at you being the victim and bad things always happening to you.


· A decision is only ’bad’ ‘wrong’ if you give it that meaning, you can CHOOSE to see it as a lesson, but you need to identify WHAT that lesson was to move forward with growing in your current life.

· Would you be where you are today without making those decisions?

· Would you learn anything in life if you didn’t make those decisions? If you didn’t then, could have the impact been much larger if you didn’t learn now?

· The only thing that is actually REAL in the world is RIGHT now. The past doesn’t exist anymore, and the future is not real. What are you learning right now and what skills and strengths do you have right now?


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