EP49: How to stop avoiding your emotional pain

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We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. You know when you feel ‘off’ you don’t feel great. Maybe someone has said something to you? Maybe something has happened in your life and you are hurting, your thoughts are running wild and really, you are hurting emotionally.

Have you been there as well? So, what do you do?

I know for me, one of my biggest what we call ‘buffers’ was to keep busy. I would become SO busy I didn’t have the time to think about my emotions. I use the analogy that I would grab an emotion and not deal with it (because honestly, I didn’t have the skills or tools to know WHAT to do with this emotion and what I needed) so, I would stuff it in my top drawer.

Then, as you can imagine something else would come up…so what would I do? Grab the emotion and stuff it in the top drawer. But, what happens when the drawer gets too full – that’s right. It BURST OPEN!!!!! And when it opens back up, imagine everything you supressed (stuffed in the drawer) coming back ALL at once!!! – Yep, not nice!

So, what can you do about it? How can you stop avoiding you emotional pain? The first thing is to identify what you are doing to ‘buffer’ and avoid the pain?


· What is emotional pain and why do we try and avoid it?

· What is a buffer – how can we still enjoy these things intentionally?

· Your past, or emotions don’t physically hurt you it’s the actions you take when you react to those emotions that can hurt you.

· Everyone feels emotional pain…you are not alone and it needs to be spoken about more.


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