57: Dad University with Jason Kreidman

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Here on The Real Mum Life Podcast we talk a lot about Mums, how to manage with the transition when becoming a Mum and also how to manage our emotions, stress and overwhelm.

But what about Dads?

This is where Jason from Dad University comes in. At the Dad University they help #newdads learn what they are not taught in school through videos, podcasts, and speaking. Advice for both #dadtobe and experienced fathers.

Jason is AMAZING!!! And is from all the way over in SanDiago, California. Cool Dude!!!

Now, this also comes in Mum’s benefit as well…tune in to find out…


· As much as there are a lot of changes with Mum’s – there are a lot of changes with Dad’s as well.

· As much as we would love to, you cannot make someone do something…

· APPRECIATION– this is your number one go-to.

· Praise the good things. We have an automatic reaction to see and point out the things the someone isn’t doing as apose to the things that they ARE doing.

· If you haven’t completed the 5 love languages quiz yet, go and do it now. It is a gamechanger!! You can complete it here-


If you haven’t already, go connect with Jason



Facebook: /daduniversity

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