54. What permission are you waiting for?

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Who are you? You might start this with ‘Well, My name is Coby, I’m a Mum I am the co-founder of the Real Mum Life andddd I spend a lot of time driving my kids around’ now, while these things are correct, If I told you these things, they are true but really don’t differ me from anyone else.

If you haven’t done already, I encourage you to listen to Episode 27: What makes you…YOU – this is where I dive into how to find that YOU and be that you.

But, for today I really want to dig deep and ask. Are you waiting for a sign or permission for you to be able to be that person that you deep down are, or to be the person that you want to be?

For me, this use to be alcohol my permission to dance the way I would dance and let my hair down. Now, this might seem silly to some that I would use alcohol as my permission. So, what else is there?

Have you ever wanted a new job? Career change? To step outside of your comfort zone? What do you do in that moment? I know for me, I have questioned myself, been scared and in the past, have told others so honestly they could tell me it was a good idea…give me permission to be me and dive in.

Have you done the same?


· What do you want to do that you are waiting for someone to say ‘GO AHEAD DO IT’ or maybe you’re waiting for a sign…but why is this?

· What permission do you want? What are you seeking

· How you can break free and be comfortable in your own mind and life

· Let’s find out what is holding you back

· How to start trusting in YOU and your decisions

· What is the worst thing that could happen, what is the BEST

· How would it FEEL to be you and trust in you


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