53. You can have a career and be an amazing mum aswell - How Dani does it....

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

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Danielle Harmer has lived a pretty amazing Sex and the City lifestyle! From Canberra to Sydney to NYC and back again…she has worked in some of the worlds LEADING organisations, made incredible change, fell in love with an American in a NYC gym (que Sex and the City)… and came home to have 3 gorgeous kids…AND has continued to have an amazing Career.

Dani is now the General Manager of leading online Real Estate site AllHomes. With a resume that includes:


· The New York Times

· Fairfax

· The Financial Review

· Sydney Morning Herald

· The Australian and now,

· All Homes (Domain Group)

Dani give so many amazing pieces of advice for anyone who is working, or wanting to get back into the work force and what that looks like being able to be present as a Mum and have a career…


· Put yourself out there and put your hand up for opportunities - I always say, ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’

· Focus on your results and outputs, not on being like everyone else.

· Be proud of your difference and don’t try to hide it. If you’re not working for an employer who embraces that difference then you’re not working at the right place.

· If you’re thinking about children but think it might interfere with job opportunities, just know that if you’ve had an opportunity once, it will come around again.

· For mums, find a support network both in and out of work. What you’re going through, lots of other people are experiencing as well.

· If individuals are achieving the output required for their role, flexible work hours can go a long way


If you haven’t already, go connect with Dani and follow her amazing work.

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