51: How she does it....being a Mum and releasing an album!

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Four-time Golden Guitar winner, Australian singer-songwriter, Amber Lawrence is back with her 6th studio album, ‘Spark’, to be released June 14. Recently celebrating her wedding and the birth of her son, ‘Spark’and it’s 10 songs reflect these new milestones in Ambers life that she shares in her own style of songwriting – deeply personal, fun and energetic singalong songs alongside some heartfelt ballads – and we got to sit down with her and talk all things career, music and being a Mum while doing it all!


· Being less of a perfectionist now as a Mum – near enough is good enough

· Continuing a career and having a family can happen – ‘Your career doesn’t keep you warm at night’

· Playing at a festival 4 weeks after giving birth – 8hrs away from home!!!

· The reality of motherhood and working…emailing while feeding, juggling it all.

· Happy Mum, happy life – choose what is right for YOU not anyone else!

· Recording a new album ‘Spark’ and the special song that is all about ‘getting it now’ since becoming a Mum!!

· Don’t listen to other people’s OPINION!

· Being a Mum is the HARDESTjob in the world!!!!!!!


If you haven’t already, go connect with Amber!! And make sure you go checkout her new album ‘Spark’


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