44: Declutter your life, declutter your mind

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Limiting beliefs:

- I might need this one day

- It’s a waste of money to throw this away

- I will just sell it on gumtree, facebook, etc. – if you’re saying this one you’re probably still struggling with number 2

- I feel guilty to let it go.

Here are some hard truths:

1. Nothing you own is ever really gone it will just exist somewhere else (even in the tip – or with someone who can use it)

2. The best way to reduce clutter is to reduce what you bring in – one touch rule

3. Many of us shop to escape out feelings!!!!!!

4. Every single thing you own Is something more you have to take care of and find space for

5. Clutter has been linked to depression

6. The longer you own something the more attached you will become

7. Eventually someone you know will have to decide with all the SH*T you own.

8. Your ‘stuff’ is getting in the way of YOUR best stuff


First of all, let’s get something straight. You have a lot is SH*T you don’t use.Stop - do you really need this like Marie Kondo, Does this spark joyAct with awareness stop and ask if you need it or want it Make list WITH an action against itThis doesn’t mean getting rid of EVERYHTING you own, its means being conscious about what you do have and ensuring everything has a ‘home’ not just stuffed in the cornerAction plan of tacking things. One cupboard, one drawer at a timeOne touch action


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