42: Your body doesn't define you

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I think I’m going to start conversations with: Look, I’m not weird, I swear I’m normal but… this comes from I recently completed my Reiki I course and over 2 weeks at the end of May will be completing a WHOLE suite including Reiki 2, NLP, EFT, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and CTC – I will do a whole episode about all this, but I feel a lot of my conversations are already starting with: I promise I’m normal.

Ok, so what I want to start with here is I want you to think of a funeral. Now, I don’t want to trigger anything so this funeral is going to be for someone you don’t know AT ALL. Think of a movie scene funeral. Now if there was an open coffin I want you to think about what you see? You see a body. A Shell.

This is the way my Physic once told me how he see’s life and honestly, It’s the EXACT same way I do now as well. US, Is in the inside.


YOU are on the inside, not the outside the outside can visually identify you but not emotionallyI want you to think of bodies that have gone through some type of trauma. Any. A bad child birth, illness etc – As much as your physical body may have changed. YOU have a choice if you do or notAccepting and loving your body doesn’t counter out nourishing and/or changing your body Your self talk is what you LET define you.


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