41: We're not perfect

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Firstly what is perfect?

So the Cambridge dictionary states: complete and correct in every way, of the best possible type or without fault:

Now, in this context it is referring to ‘the perfect day’ and even that, is there really such thing as the ‘perfect day’ in everyone’s eyes? Your perception of the perfect day might be someone else’s nightmare!!! So, the definition of ‘perfect’ is subject to each persons interpretation and here we go…thoughts and feelings.

So with this, Sarah and I were talking about how we don’t want to prefis that we are ‘perfect, be like us…we always have out sh*t together and you should just be like us’ we are REAL, that is what we are. We don’t always have our sh*t together but we practice what we preach. We use our tools so when we find ourselves in situations where we feel anxious, lost, alone, confused. We actually use our tools. We talk to each other ALL the time about what is going on in each others lives (we essentially coach each other EVERY DAY!!) and both also have our own coaches that we still see here and there to ensure we have all the tools we need for our current situations.

What this means is we don’t


What is ‘Perfect’??We forget school lunches, we forget school interviews, our kids swear in public and say some weird things in class.The teachers pull us aside about situationsWe sometimes yellWe sometimes cryWe WORK on our relationships (ALL OF THEM!!!)We work on our budgetsWE USE TOOLS so most of the time, we are enjoying life and THRIVING but we DO THE WORK on usWhat this means is we don’t REACT as muchWE ARE REAL


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