I'm Coby

I’m a legend of a Mum, Dad joke teller, swag camping lover, Espresso Martini drinker who has smile lines for days!!


I am a CTC Master Therapist, Transformational Coach, passionate motivational speaker and founder of Thriving Minds Co.

In all the work I do I believe that everything starts with self. If you have ever thought... 'Hang on, who the 'f' am i?' Welcome

Have you caught yourself saying this before? Because I have..

You see, the confidence, the self love & even the happiness you're seeking comes on the OTHER side of TRULY knowing who you are...

How can you love...or even be you if you don't know who you are anymore?

My purpose is simple: To Impact the lives of people everyday by equipping them with simple tools to set them free from their past, their story and everything that’s ever held them back, so they can regain their identity and live their most confident, purposeful life.


But what if I told you that everything is actually incredibly simple, that us as humans we over complicate things?


I have the tools to set you free from your past, your story and everything that’s ever held you back and I can show you how simple life can be if you surrender and lean in.


I see you when you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed and stuck.

But I know that fun happy you is there inside you…

So, If you’re ready to be free of anything that’s holding you back and really step into your truth and BE unapologetically you every day…


schedule a FREE connection call with me today to see how together, we can transform your life.



So If you know that where you are and how you feel is not how you want things to stay...then let's change that.

AMAZING! Coby is the real deal and teaches REAL tools. Learning that my thoughts created my feelings has helped so much! Can’t wait to learn more about self-acceptance and relationships - Attendee of our 'Wine Not' connect night


I have helped transform the lives of Teenagers, Mum's who have newborns, single males, Dads and all the way through to Parent's who have kids that have left home...

there is no reason this couldn't be you next.

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